Video game release - Space Hole 2018

Space Hole 2018, created by friend (and fellow pinball player) Sam Atlas - and it's hands down the most tripped out indie game i've ever played. We went through a whole catalog of unreleased/private tracks on my Soundcloud account - some of them just practices. From what I count there are 70 different songs on there (most of which have never been released, i forgot i ever wrote, or never found a place in this world until now). I'd play 30 seconds of something and Sam would want it on some exact level (there are literally hundreds of levels). The atmosphere and design is as much an art project as a game. I'd suggest checking it out, it's on steam right now for 2 dollars. Also including tracks from Joy Wants Eternity and Earth and Ceremony (live performance)! Some of them are hidden, you'll just have to play to find them. (Also, "Keep going... It gets weirder" as Sam told me).

I put some "Love songs" from the game in a soundcloud playlist to check out...

You can buy Space Hole 2018 on Steam:

You can watch the trailer:

dl Salo