dl Salo
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A Story of Rats is a duo consisting of the Los Angeles/Seattle based artists Garek J Druss and Daniel Salo. This collaboration was formed to create environments and atmospheres that enable the listener to engage in a heightened experience that resembles an ecstatic awareness or transcendence.


Earth and Ceremony is a performance art group created by Rachel Green and dl Salo in 2016. Their work includes an array of disciplines including dance, modern opera, sound installations, classical and electronic music, and film. The group often collaborates with other artists in producing new and exciting work.


Joy Wants Eternity

Ambient instrumental ensemble Joy Wants Eternity originated in a Seattle basement fall 2003 as a gathering of several musicians experimenting with instrumental walls of noise. 


Object Sonore

Sound design and film composition company created by dl Salo and Garek J Druss.