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A Story of Rats || Immeasurable Spiral


A Story of Rats is a duo consisting of the  Los Angeles/Seattle based artists Garek J Druss and dl Salo. This collaboration was formed to create environments and atmospheres that enable the listener to engage in a heightened experience that resembles an ecstatic awareness or transcendence. Using analog and digital synthesizers, drum programming, and vocals, Salo and Druss create an intricate shadow that often obscures itself between sound, installation, tangibility, and time. The composed soundscapes they create shifts the perception from the material to conjure a sonic understanding of the ethereal. 

The Immeasurable Spiral was recorded in Seattle,Washington at Avast Studios by engineer and producer Randall Dunn (Earth, Eyvind Kang, Sunn 0))), Marissa Nadler, Wolves in the Throne Room, etc). The two pieces of immense sonic architecture were crafted to represent an unknown space where somberness and asphyxiation are of equal temperament.  This album has been mastered for vinyl by James Plotkin and consists of analog and digital synthesizers, electric organ, timpani, drum machine programming, live kit drums, and vocals. Compositionally this album addresses themes of transformation and the presence that exists outside of the self.  Within this dense soundscape, is the idea and the challenge to understand the unknown and how it positions the individual to reflect on their own sense of lack and emptiness. 


released April 6, 2018

dl Salo - piano, synthesizers, timpani, & drum programming
Garek J Druss  - synthesizers, electric organ, vocals, & drum programming
Live kit drums by Andrew Crawshaw  

Recorded by Randall Dunn. 
Mastered by James Plotkin. 

Digital edition features 2 additional remix tracks by Josef Gaard and Black Algiz (Tim Ellegaard & Kim Larsen/Of the Wand & The Moon)



Music For the film One Way or Another


One Way or Another

Directed by Rich Phelps
Original music by dl Salo

On a quiet night in a roadside bar, egos and alcohol ignite - sending two friends on a path toward a violent showdown that could forever change both of their lives.




Music for the film CATBOX



Film by Kris Kristensen
Original score by dl Salo

Nominated by the 2018 INDEPENDENT HORROR MOVIE AWARDS for Best Music.