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Garek J Druss

Garek Druss is a Los Angeles based sound and visual artist who creates work that explores the balance between the physical being and the incorporeal or non-being.  His aural works create active and engaged listening environments that allow for heightened states of self-reflection and phenomenological awareness. His work utilizes watercolor drawings, video, and vibrant soundscapes to create temporary ambient interactions that examine the human condition. Druss' interest in creating work that develops the public's sonic palette has lead him to several international residencies, multiple museum performances in the U.S. and Europe, album and sound art releases in conjunction with art exhibitions, installations, and live performances. He has collaborated in musical, dance, and performance-based projects, including the atmospheric electronic group, A Story of Rats

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Rachel Green

Rachel Green creates site-specific multimedia performances that tell stories about our human condition. She regards the body as a container for emotions, infusing her work with delicate and volatile expressions of human feeling. The work invokes a sense of the primal and cerebral while exploring ancient and mythic themes. Green takes inspiration from nature as a way to harness one’s own power, wildness, wonder, and freedom. 

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Earth and Ceremony is a performance art group created by Rachel Green and DL Salo in 2016. Their work includes an array of disciplines including dance, modern opera, sound installations, classical and electronic music, and film. The group often collaborates with other artists in producing new and exciting work. 



Saint Genet is a company that creates large scale, innovative environmental installations, image-based opera, body-based performance and dance. Our work has been presented at Frye Art Museum, On the Boards, the Donau Festival, the Luminato Festival, and in any number of abandoned buildings, alleyways, and secret locations.